Control Concepts services all Danfoss drives and industrial electronics.

  • AC and DC drives
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Soft starters
  • Control boards

About Danfoss Drives

Danfoss drives offer advanced motion control and provide a variety of frequency controls:

  • Speed
  • Torque 
  • Positioning
  • Overall motor performance  

Danfoss Drives Work With…

  • Pneumatically operated valves
  • Thermostatic valves
  • Pressure switches
  • Temperature sensors
  • Electronic soft starters
  • Frequency converters

… and more

Control Concepts provides 24/7 service and support on Danfoss products.

Danfoss Drives are more energy efficient and effective. For example, their VLT HVAC drives, which regulate temperature and flow, makes the motor more efficient and reliable.

Danfoss Drives allow for controlled voltage by constantly altering the conditions based on the speed and inputs. Each drive also features a Sleep Mode function that monitors whether the motor is running and turns it off if there no output being produced.

These drives have a PID controller acting as a separate set point controller making a more convenient control system that can communicate efficiently with other working drives for the best integration.

Common Drive Failures

  • Drive doesn’t run the motor
  • Drive keeps blowing fuses or tripping breakers
  • Loose connections
  • Non-functional cooling fans
  • Software or programming problems
  • Circuit board failure

The Repair Process

We check the motor drive and terminals for substandard connections which can be caused by anything from heat cycles and mechanical vibration to reusing or over-tightening torque screws.

We conduct diode and IGBT tests on the input/output power sections before applying power to the drive unit. This is to protect against further damage from a short. 

We power up the unit and perform amp readings and output frequency tests, slowly increasing the voltage until the rated input voltage of the drive is reached. 

If everything functions properly, we use the drive to run a motor through basic jog functions after backing up existing programs. If the motor does not run, we check the output voltages and current ratings going to the motor to check drive function for motor rotation.

Most drive failures can be avoided through preventative maintenance.

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*Danfoss and Vacon joined in January 2016 to become the second-largest AC drive manufacturer in the world.