Control Concepts Knows Machine Automation

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, machines have become more and more automated. Automation bestows a variety of benefits, many of which are very attractive to the operators and the finance team at your company.

Benefits of Machine Automation

The main reason for automating is to increase efficiency and productivity. However, there is a very important side-benefit: safety. There is less reason for a human to work in the midst of a bunch of moving parts, all of which can cause substantial harm.

Automation simplifies the manufacturing process as well. Operations are implemented by a computer or simple drive devices rather than a complex machine requiring intensive training and skill to maneuver accurately.

Automation saves on energy and raw materials, too. Machine automation provides precision and accuracy that mitigate waste while using less power to run.

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Where Can You Find Machine Automation?

You can find automation almost anywhere, from a stand-alone device on a table to a fully automated assembly line with multiple integrated systems. Not all automation is in manufacturing. Commercial HVAC and water purification systems have automated controls as do many other municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential services.

Today, automation benefits from common information and control platforms that can be customized to a variety of uses. Solutions are more scalable and, in some cases, are completely turn-key.

Upgrading your automation with new software-based features and added services is an affordable way to increase your competitiveness in today’s market. With more effective data acquisition and reporting, complex production problems can be reduced to a simple and intuitive presentation of current operational performance.

Most automation provides unified control, reporting, and supervisory level visualization at the assembly line, work cell, or machine level.

What Can Control Concepts Do For You?

What can’t we do in the field of machine automation?

Control Concepts provides extensive automation design, repair, and service capabilities for everything from motor drives and panels to controllers and PLCs.

For over 30 years we have been serving the manufacturing community with repairs, replacements, and maintenance. We retrofit outdated machines with new controls and build custom automation to fit your needs. If you need new components integrated into a legacy line, we are here to help.

  • Prototype building and testing
  • Facilitate integration of mechanics and hydraulics
  • Enable automation development
  • Develop and implement complex control algorithms and devices
  • Work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop custom automation controls and systems

Our technicians and engineers are experts in equipment control programs and control panel solutions. We not only repair automation devices, but we also install, test, and modify onsite.

We continue to expand our knowledge of programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drives while maintaining our expertise in older equipment.

Control Concepts partners with you to design and develop equipment controls and programs that are customized to your company’s needs. By carefully determining your requirements, we translate them into an electrical design, conveyor design, remote monitoring system, and task or function specific stations.

Efficiently and effectively developing drives, controllers, machine safety equipment, soft starts, and other automation provides you the opportunity to integrate a newly designed control system into a simulated environment for testing before you implement it into your facility.

System verification is carefully controlled while maintaining everyone’s safety and saving you money in development and implementation costs.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Machine automation design, programming, and building is our specialty. Control Concepts can help you do everything from programming your PLCs and touchscreens to training and startup of your new line or facility.