If your existing equipment is obsolete, difficult to maintain, or you simply cannot get parts, Control Concepts can provide fast and efficient upgrades and retrofits on your automation systems. New programmable logic controllers and updated replacements for old custom controls can automate more of your machinery than ever before.

Want To Improve

Reduce operator data entry by saving product “recipes,” parameters, and requirements in the machine terminal or by sending the information over the network from the production office. Increase your uptime by installing reliable, up-to-date industrial electronic systems. With better control and accuracy, you will have less waste, reduced labor costs, and better data acquisition from every unit in your line.


  • Replace outdated or obsolete equipment
  • Make rapid, accurate production or recipe changes
  • Improve machine and operator safety
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Get remote access to data

Whether you need a new system or a replacement part, we can do the job no matter where or when! We've been around for over 30 years. We will be here for you after the sale for service and spare parts.

Benefits of upgrading

  • Your upgraded and retrofitted system will have more capabilities than it did before.
  • Production will overtake your previous benchmarks.
  • The equipment will be more reliable than it ever was.
  • You can save on labor costs because the automation can handle more duties than when the system was first built.

Technology has not stood still. Industrial electronics have continued to improve with more processing power, high-quality materials, and precision machining and programming. Even if your system is still operating at capacity, an upgrade is still worth it because you can increase operating capacity and introduce new capabilities with today’s controls in yesterday’s equipment.

Control Concepts can:

  • Design the system
  • Program the PLCs
  • Program the touchscreen
  • Build the enclosures
  • Assist with startup and training

Emergency retrofit service available

In a crisis, we can begin (and sometimes finish) work the same day!

A Control Concepts retrofit can help you:

  • Save energy
  • Reduce downtime due to scheduled maintenance
  • Report operating data and productivity information in real-time
  • Increase reliability
  • Troubleshoot problems quickly with detailed diagnostic information

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