Factory authorized service for these leading brands 

Control Concepts services a huge list of brands - just about every single brand out there!

Don’t see your brand here? Ask us!



Has your industrial electronics manufacturer told you that support has been canceled for your automation system? Has every repair shop you called said that there was nothing to be done but replace the entire thing with new components?

It's not over. We are brand-agnostic and do not make any money for pushing a particular brand's upgrade. If you need something fixed but not replaced, we will do that. If you want a new system, we can do that, too. 

Our technicians are here to help you determine the most cost-effective way forward to get all the value possible from your investment.

Don’t worry about the age of your:

When it comes time to maintain, repair, and replace parts, we have been doing this for over 30 years.

If there are more miles to get out of your existing systems, we can and will keep you up and running. If a repair requires market replacement parts that are no longer available, Control Concepts will design and install parts to complete the repairs.

We perform thorough QC testing and verification after every installation every time. We get you back in service without any short-cuts or a hard-sell for new products.