Control Concepts is committed to delivering exceptional service and support for Leroy-Somer drives, a brand renowned for its innovation and quality in industrial automation.

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Who is Leroy-Somer?

Leroy-Somer, a part of the Nidec Group since 2017, is a global leader in industrial electric motors and drives. Founded in 1919 by Marcellin Leroy in the Charente region of France, the company has a storied history of innovation and excellence in manufacturing. Today, Leroy-Somer continues to lead the industry with a strong commitment to technological advancement and quality, embodying a century of engineering success.

What Do Leroy-Somer Drives Do?

Leroy-Somer offers a comprehensive selection of drives, including:

  • AC Drives: Tailored for applications that require variable speed and torque control, enhancing energy efficiency and control precision.
  • DC Drives: Ideal for industries that need reliable speed and torque management under varying load conditions.

Control Concepts has extensive experience in the repair, service, and support of Leroy-Somer drive products.

Leroy-Somer Products We Service

Control Concepts services a broad spectrum of Leroy-Somer products, including but not limited to:

  • Commander ID300: Integrated with IMfinity® induction motors for optimized operation.
  • Dyneo+ Drives: Combining synchronous reluctance and permanent magnets, these drives offer high efficiency and robust performance.
  • Powerdrive MD2: A modular drive providing flexible, high-performance control of motors for a variety of industrial applications.
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Industries Using Leroy-Somer Drives

Leroy-Somer drives are utilized across various industries, including:

  • Industrial Automation: For precision control in automated processes.
  • Energy: Supporting power generation and management applications.
  • Oil & Gas: Equipments for onshore and offshore installations.
  • Marine: Drive solutions for marine and offshore engineering.

Leroy-Somer Drive Repair Services

Control Concepts offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services for Leroy-Somer drives, including:

  • Repair and Refurbishment: Specializing in Leroy-Somer drives to ensure they perform optimally.
  • Preventive Maintenance and Diagnostics: Regular checks to extend the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Component Replacement: Using high-quality parts for optimal functionality.
  • On-site Support and Troubleshooting: Providing direct assistance at your facility to address operational challenges.

Common Drive Failures

Common drive issues include:

  • Software or programming problems
  • Non-functional cooling fans
  • Loose connections
  • Drive keeps blowing fuses or tripping breakers
  • Drive doesn’t run motor
  • Circuit board failure

Over-current faults are a common cause of drive shutdowns, necessitating a detailed examination starting from motor dynamics.

The Control Concepts Repair Process

Our repair process for Leroy-Somer drives encompasses:

  • Thorough inspection of the drive and terminals.
  • Comprehensive tests before powering the unit to prevent further damage.
  • Diode and IGBT tests on the input/output power sections.
  • Powering up the unit and performing amp readings and output frequency tests.
  • Using the drive to run a motor through basic jog functions after backing up existing programs.
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