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Since 1971, Delta has been a global provider of power management solutions. Their motor control solutions are some of the most energy efficient products in today's automation industry.

What Do Delta Drives Do?

Delta offers a range of drives and PLCs that can be used in different applications:

Delta AC Drives come in wide power and voltage ranges with high performance motor control, for applications ranging from small size pumps and fans to hydraulic and injection moulding machines.

Delta PLCs help decrease energy use and increase the reliability of industrial automation systems, making it easier to manage multiple machines simultaneously. 

Control Concepts has over 30 years of experience in Delta drive repair, service, and support. 

What Is a Programmable Logic Controller?

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a miniature industrial computer (CPU) that contains the hardware and software for automating industrial electromechanical processes running the machinery in factory assembly lines, amusement rides, and food processing.

You can program multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs (I/O interface system) with…

  • Extended temperature ranges
  • Immunity to electrical noise
  • Resistance to vibration and impact

Industries Using Delta Drives

You can find Delta drives in in a wide variety of applications, including the following industries:

  • Oil and gas operations
  • Food processing
  • Chemical
  • Textile plants
  • Printing
  • HVAC
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Mining

Delta drives offer custom control to optimize production processes. Delta's wide selection of AC drives, VFDs, and PLCs are designed to meet a variety of different application needs.

Delta Products We Service

  • VFD-E Series AC Drives
  • VFD-EL Series AC Drives
  • VFD-EL-W Series AC Drives
  • C2000 Series AC Drives
  • C200 Series AC Drives
  • CH2000 Series AC Drives
  • VFD-VE Series AC Drives
  • VFD-B Series AC Drives
  • REG2000 Series AC Drives
  • HES Series AC Drives
  • VFD-VJ Series AC Drives
  • CFP2000 Series AC Drives
  • CP2000 Series AC Drives
  • AC Servo Motor Series
  • PLC automation

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Common Drive Failures

  • Software or programming problems
  • Non-functional cooling fans
  • Loose connections
  • Drive keeps blowing fuses or tripping breakers
  • Drive doesn’t run motor
  • Circuit board failure

Circuit board failure is the least common reason for drive failures. The most common fault that shuts down a drive is an over-current fault, of which there are 20-30 causes. We start with the dynamics of the motor and move on from there.

The Control Concepts Repair Process

We check the motor drive and terminals for substandard connections which can be caused by anything from heat cycles and mechanical vibration to reusing or over-tightening torque screws.

We conduct diode and IGBT tests on the input/output power sections before applying power to the drive unit. This is to protect against further damage from a short.

We power up the unit and perform amp readings and output frequency tests, slowly increasing the voltage until the rated input voltage of the drive is reached.

If everything functions properly, we use the drive to run a motor through basic jog functions after backing up existing programs. If the motor does not run, we check the output voltages and current ratings going to the motor to check drive function for motor rotation.

Most drive failures can be avoided through preventative maintenance.

  • Keep the drive free of dust
  • Ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating
  • Keep everything dry and protected from moisture

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